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Other State Society Meetings

MSA Members Attend the Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota State Society Meetings for FREE!


2024 NDSA Conference
April 13, 2024
Delta Hotel, Fargo, ND

2024 WSA Annual Meeting
September 23-24, 2024
Madison Concourse Hotel, Madison, WI

Great news! The MSA has reciprocity agreements with the Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota State Societies! MSA members are able to attend any WI, IA, ND or SD meetings, FREE of charge for those current on their ASA and state society dues.

We hope with these agreements we can offer you, as an MSA member, more complimentary educational programs, as well as networking opportunities with our neighboring state colleagues.

This is great news, but how do I register? To register for other state society meetings, simply visit their website, click the link to register online and complete your registration. The state society will verify your MSA membership and send you confirmation of your registration. Please note, since your registration is complimentary as an MSA member,  should you find you are unable to attend after you register please notify the state society office ASAP.

Should you have any questions regarding this agreement, or have suggestions for future joint meetings, please feel free to reach out to the MSA administrative office at 414-389-8612 or