Physicians committed to patient safety and comfort.

Education Committee

This committee plans, coordinates, and implements the Annual Spring and Fall Meetings, as well as addresses the general educational concerns of the Society (Patient education, CME, Educational workshops, etc.).

Committee Chair

Adam Niesen, M.D.

Committee Members

Ioanna Apostolidou, M.D.
David W. Barbara, M.D.
John K. Bohman, M.D.
Jacob L. Hutchins, M.D., BS
Erica D. Wittwer, M.D., Ph.D.
Mojca R. Konia, M.D.
Erik J. Stoltenberg, M.D.
Laurence Torsher, M.D.
Michael T. Walsh, M.D.
Tae Whang Kim, M.D.
Sudarshan Setty, BS, MB